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  Assignment 2 Guide

Design Phase - Produce Finished Versions of the Screen Designs


b. Produce finished versions of the input and output screens



This guide  will help you to: -  

   finish the designs for your input and output screens

You should print out the following two assignment documents.

Assignment Scenario

Assignment 2: Designing the Program

Task b. Produce finished versions of the input and output screens

In order to complete Assignment 2 Task b, you need to finish your form designs.  Although you should have created form designs for Assignment 1, these will have been in draft form. For the finished design you need to ensure your designs are clear, contain relevant information about the controls on your forms and include detailed annotation. What you want to end up with are designs that are clear enough so another programmer could easily create your forms.

Below is an example of a design for the input form of the seed calculating program.

It is not a very good design. This is because ...

  • It is not clear what all the boxes are.  Some may be labels, some may be textboxes but it is unclear.

  • The lawn shapes are not drawn very well.  They should be labelled so the user knows which side is the length, which is the width and where the radius is on the circle.

  • The labels (length, width, radius) near the textboxes should not be outlined because this makes them look like textboxes.

  • None of the controls are annotated.  Every important control should be explained and the name you are going to call the control should be included.

  • The design does not show any command buttons.

  • There needs to be annotation explaining what the form is for, what each of the major controls are for and how the user would use the form. If there are any textboxes, the maximum number of characters needs to be stated along with the number range you are going to allow.

A better form design is shown below - drawn in Microsoft Word - see what you think. You should note I did not include the field shapes in my design.  That's for you to do. You can open the pdf version if you wish for a slightly larger view.

Your Task

Now it's your turn to create your finished form designs:-

Please ensure you write your name in the document header. The structure of your document should be as follows:-

 Assignment 2: Designing the Program

      Task b: Input form design

Here you should have a diagram showing your input form

      Task b: Output form design

Here you should have a diagram showing your output form

Have you finished all the tasks and handed them in?  
If so - well done.




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