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  Assignment 1 Guide

Investigation Phase


Task c. State what the program will need to output and what units

Carry out the Task



This guide  will help you to: -   

·   Complete assignment 1 - task c

You should have a copy of  following two assignment documents.

Assignment Scenario

Assignment 1: Investigating the problem

Task c. State what the program will need to output and what units

In order to complete Assignment 1 Task c, you need to state what the program will need to output.  Then you will need to state the output units. If you require a different example, you can read the Modern Carpets Case Study section, describing what the carpet program needs to output.

Here is a the company scenario again:-

The Lawnsword Garden Design Company


Lawnsword Garden Design specialises in designing and producing lawns and old-fashioned hay meadows for clients.

Hay meadows, which contain mixtures of grass and wild flowers, are always produced by sowing seed.

Lawns may be made by laying prepared turf or by sowing seed. It is the seed sowing which causes a problem, since different types of seeds cover different areas. Ms Jane Lawnsword, who is the proprietor of the business, spends many hours calculating the amount of seeds required for each job and she now feels that she should be able to enlist the help of a computer to ease her workload.

You have volunteered to attempt to solve the “seed sowing problem” and Ms Lawnsword has passed you details of one of the pending jobs.


All programs need to take input from the user or from some other source such as another system or computer.  A program usually produces output of some sort. 

Example 1:  When you use the Windows Calculator  program you might type in two numbers and ask the program to add the numbers together.  The output would be the answer which the program displays to you.


Example 2:  When you use the a Word Processor, the inputs are whatever you type in using the keyboard or parts of the program you click with the mouse.  The outputs are the words you have typed in displayed on screen to you.  When you save the document to a file, this is a kind of output.  When you print out your document this is another type of output.


Your Seed Program:  We know that the inputs will be things like the number of standard lawn or hay meadow shapes. What will the outputs be?


Here are some sentences that might help you decide what the outputs of Ms Lawnsword's program should be:-

"Ms Jane Lawnsword, who is the proprietor of the business, spends many hours calculating the amount of seeds required for each job"

"In the future Ms Lawnsword wants to use the program to work out the seeds needed for different combinations of the four basic shapes so your program should be written with this in mind"

"The program must calculate how much of each seed type should be sown, and how many whole bags of each seed must be purchased."



Activity A

  1. Look at the sentences above and write down as briefly as you can the two things your program needs to output.
  2. What units will these outputs be in? Think of the units of areas and the units of weights.
  3. It may help you to carry out some of the calculations yourself. Try and answer these questions

Carry out the Task

You should have completed most of this task by carrying out Activity A.

Now type up the information you have written down for Activity A in the style shown below.

Write your name in the document header. The structure of your document should be as follows:-

 Assignment 1: Investigating the Problem:

      Task c: What the program has to produce and what units 

Here you should put your answer using your Activity A results.


Have you finished all the tasks and handed them in? 
If so - well done.




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