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  Assignment 1 Overview

Investigation Phase


The Lawnsword Garden Design Company

Assignment 1 Tasks - Investigating the Problem



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You should print out the following two assignment documents.

Assignment Scenario

Assignment 1: Investigating the problem

The Lawnsword Garden Design Company

All the assignments for this unit are concerned with the Lawnsword Garden Design Company. 

Lawnsword Garden Design Company has a problem, this is explained below:-

The Lawnsword Garden Design Company


Lawnsword Garden Design specialises in designing and producing lawns and old-fashioned hay meadows for clients.

Hay meadows, which contain mixtures of grass and wild flowers, are always produced by sowing seed.

Lawns may be made by laying prepared turf or by sowing seed. It is the seed sowing which causes a problem, since different types of seeds cover different areas. Ms Jane Lawnsword, who is the proprietor of the business, spends many hours calculating the amount of seeds required for each job and she now feels that she should be able to enlist the help of a computer to ease her workload.

You have volunteered to attempt to solve the “seed sowing problem” and Ms Lawnsword has passed you details of one of the pending jobs.


You have volunteered to attempt to solve the “seed sowing problem” and Ms Lawnsword has passed you details of one of the pending jobs.

The job details which follow are for the sowing of two lawns and two fields. The four shapes shown are the four most popular shapes that the business deals with, so any program should be able to accept different dimensions for each basic shape.

The job details are for:

  • A rectangular lawn
  • A circular lawn
  • An L – shaped field
  • A field that is rectangular, but includes a circular pond

In the future Ms Lawnsword wants to use the program to work out the seeds needed for different combinations of these four basic shapes so your program should be written with this in mind. Think of how your program could handle combinations, or numbers of shapes such as:

  • 2 round lawns and 2 ‘L’ shaped fields
  • 2 round fields and 3 ‘L’ shaped lawns.

The different shapes are shown below:-

  Lawn1 Field 1
 Lawn 2 Field 2

The program must calculate how much of each seed type should be sown, and how many whole bags of each seed must be purchased.

Assignment 1 Tasks - Investigating the Problem

The first thing you need to do is investigate the problem.  This means gathering the necessary information so you can understand the problem clearly.  You need to think about Ms Lawnsword's problem and specify how you think it could be solved by using a computer program. You need to specify all of the things that the program must do, and produce draft versions of the screen layouts.

The documentation you need to produce for assignment 1 is listed below.

Assignment 1 Tasks: Investigating the problem

Documentation required

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Describe what a program would have to do to solve this problem
  3. State what the program will need to output and in what units
  4. Draw draft input forms and output forms
  5. Enter the dimensions required into the drawings and use these to help you decide on the calculations which will be used (hand in the drawings with your other work)
  6. Make notes of the calculations to be used
  7. List the data to be input, output and stored
  8. List the main stages in processing of data from input of data to output of results





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