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    Quiz 4

Buses & Expansion Cards

There are 15 questions


Question 1.        

What does the term ISA stand for?


Question 2.        

What does the term PCI stand for?


Question 3.        

What does the term AGP stand for?


Question 4.        

An ISA card may be DMA capable.  What is the equivalent of DMA for a PCI card called.


Question 5.        

What do you call an electronic path that transports data from one part of a motherboard to another


Question 6.        

A bus is 

(a)  a group of parallel wires, one for each bit of a word, along which data can flow

(b)  a group of parallel wires, one for each word, along which data can flow 

(c)  a series of input/output lines only

(d)  a group of serial wires, along which data bytes can flow 

Question 7.        

Which one of the following is FALSE?  DMA allows 

(a)  direct transfer of data from a device into RAM

(b)  direct transfer of data from a device to the CPU

(c)  processing time to be used for other tasks

(d)  for fast data transfer  

Question 8.        

What type of expansion slot would a modern graphics card most likely fit into?


Question 9.        

Which has the longest slot length, an AGP, ISA or PCI slot?


Question 10.        

Which has the fastest data transfer speed, an ISA or PCI type bus?


Question 11.        

Which provide the fastest data transfer speed for a graphics card, a PCI or AGP type bus?


Question 12.        

To display images at high resolution and allow a large number of colours, your video card requires a large amount of...


Question 13.        

Which one of the following is FALSE?  An interrupt request

(a)  may be sent from a device to the CPU to request a service

(b)  allows a processor to stop what it is currently doing and carry out another task 

(c)  is sent from the CPU to a device

(d)  is sent from a device to the CPU  

Question 14.        

What type of expansion card would you need for transferring data over a normal analogue telephone line?


Question 15.        

Devices with a PCI can be allocated the same IRQ.  True or false?




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