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Assignment 2                                 

Deadline: 02.12.02 (4 weeks)

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Assignment Document Checklist

The table below provides a quick checklist of all the documents that should be handed in for this assignment.

  Documents Tick
1    Logic gates drawn
   Truth table for each logic gate
   Truth table for an operation


Block diagram of a typical microcomputer system


Block diagram of a CPU



Screen dumps of resources for each device


I/O range calculations


Description of bus types




Description of cache memory


Description of DMA


Memory map - memory sizes derived


Grading Evidence

It is possible to achieve credits for the following from this assignment.

Grading Criteria Tick

Demonstrate a basic knowledge of binary and hexadecimal numbers


Describe basic logic functions


Draw a block diagram of a simple CPU

Draw a block diagram of a basic computer including DMA IRQ and I/O controllers

Differentiate between various bus slots



Assignment Feedback








Assignment 2

Part 1 - Logic Functions

Question 1.1

  1. Draw logic gates for each logic function AND, OR and NOT, NAND and NOR, showing the operations possible for each gate. 

  2. For each logic function listed above create a truth table and write its boolean function .

  3. For the boolean function Q = (X+Y).Z  

  1. draw the circuit that would implement the function

  2. derive its function table (truth table for the function)

Part 2 - Block Diagrams

Question 2.1

  1. Draw a typical microcomputer system in block diagram form, including DMA, IRQ and I/O controllers and explain the function of each part.

  2. Draw a block diagram of a simple CPU and explain the diagram.

Part 3 - Buses and Resource Allocation

Question 3.1

  1. Examine any standard PC less than 5 years old -  find out and write down the resources (DMA, IRQ, I/O range) allocated for each device listed below.  

  2. Calculate and write down the I/O range in base 10 for each device.


    Primary IDE controller

    Floppy disk controller

    Display adapter

  3. Write down the bus type each device uses and explain the differences between an ISA, AGP, PCI bus.

Please screen dump the resource settings for each device using device manager.

Part 4 - Memory & Addressing

Question 4.1

  1. Describe the process of cache memory

  2. Describe the process of DMA

  3. A system memory map is shown below.  Provide a suitable address for each of the components and hence derive the size of the memory allocated to each component.


That's it for this assignment!



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